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UK arrests expected after the closure of the Boystown dark web platform containing indecent images

A major international operation involving police from across the world has led to the shut down of the child sex abuse dark web platform called Boystown and several related paedophile chat sites.

It is estimated that there were 400,000 users of the dark web Boystown platform downloading, exchanging viewing indecent images of children. Following 4 arrests in Germany it is expected that the police operation will lead to arrests globally as recovered data is analysed.

It is inevitable that some of the Boystown users will be based in the UK, and once users are traced by the police it is expected that arrest warrants will be applied for, this will then enable the police to arrest suspected users and seize electronic devices, in order to conduct a criminal investigation.

If you are concerned about your internet usage in relation to pornography or indecent images of children, or your access to the dark web, or if you have been a user of the Boystown platform, then contact me to discuss your options. Burying your head in the sand and hoping the Police don’t knock on your door early one morning isn’t likely to be an effective option.

Being prepared is the key to avoiding a criminal investigation and being charged with an offence. How you deal with the situation before arrest and during the police interview and investigation can have a massive impact on the outcome of your case. The police have a very high conviction rate for cases where suspects haven’t properly anticipated police involvement.

Whatever your situation there are always options, it is possible that investigation can be avoided, it is possible that despite arrest there will be insufficient evidence to charge you with any offence. Even if your case goes to court, it is still possible that you can either be acquitted or avoid a custodial sentence. Good advice at an early stage and throughout your case is vital.

As an expert criminal defence solicitor my aim is to get you the best possible outcome so you can get on with your life again. If you have accessed indecent images of children via the internet, the dark web or peer to peer platforms then contact me today for a free, informal and confidential chat.

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