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Accused of indecent images or sexual communication with a child?


1. Stop thinking about prison, it is unlikely unless your case is very serious.

2. Get help, counselling or therapy from recognised providers to address any issues that affect you.

3. Get good legal advice and choose a knowledgeable solicitor you feel comfortable with.

4. Talk to family and friends where necessary to discuss the situation and rebuild relationships.

5. Stay positive, be proactive and look after yourself. This situation can be overcome and you will be able to move forward again.

How I can help

If you are concerned about or accused of an indecent images offence or sexual communication with a child I understand what you are going through, I know how much you can lose and how important it is to make the right decisions to protect yourself, your livelihood, your reputation, your privacy, and your liberty.

Whatever your circumstances I can help. My aim is to get you the best possible outcome, so you can get on with your life again.

I am on your side when you need help the most. 

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Highly recommended

My experience with Richard was nothing less than perfect. I emailed him late one evening regarding a case and he was in touch first thing the next day. He kindly took the time to hear out my case and helped me understand what the outcomes could be. By the end of the conversation we had a full plan of what to do going forward as well as a complete understanding of my options. I couldn't be more thankful his advice/support and for that reason I would thoroughly recommend Richard.

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I had successfully transitioned from a previous solicitor to Mr. Bayliss. I was ill-advised initially before I sought advice from Richard. I can honestly say that in the seven years I've been immersed in litigation, Richard has been the most attentive and assertive solicitor I've dealt with. He is capable of critical thought, as opposed to being a sycophant like most others. Richard was punctual at all times, arranging meetings and catch-ups. He was attentive to my desires of "not guilty" pleas which some solicitors tend to grimace at. Notwithstanding, Richard always highlighted his concerns, he remained impartial and supported my case at every hurdle.

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Richard took his time to carefully listen to my situation and provide me with clear advice and explained everything in detail. His helpful advice was invaluable.


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Very approachable and diligent, keeps you informed throughout the investigation process, Explains all the options open to you in a practical way. Much better than any large firm, great value for money.

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5 Star Lawyer

Clear and helpful advice

Attentive and assertive