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My names is Richard Bayliss, I am a solicitor with specialist knowledge on indecent images law and sexual communication with a child. I can provide clear, confidential and non judgemental advice on you case. 

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About me

I am an experienced freelance solicitor with specialist knowledge of all issues of indecent images law and sexual communication with a child. I have 18 years of experience of representing clients at the police station and court, which is why I understand every aspect of your case.

My aim is to fight for you. I understand how important your case is. I want the best possible outcome as quickly as possible so that your life can move on again.


I pride myself on offering a solicitor only service, there is far too much at stake to leave your case to unqualified advisors, paralegals or trainees.

How I can help

If you are concerned about or accused of an indecent image offence or sexual communication with a child I understand what you are going through, I know how much you can lose and how important it is to make the right decisions to protect yourself, your livelihood, your reputation, your privacy and your liberty.

Whatever your circumstances I can help, I am a solicitor with specialist knowledge of indecent images law and sexual communication with a child law. 


My aim is to get you the best possible outcome, so you can get on with you life again.

I am on your side when you need help the most. 

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Why contact me?

  • Knowledge is power, cut your stress with specialist legal advice.

  • Protect yourself, your family, your home, your job.

  • Complete confidentiality and discretion. I am respectful and non judgemental and will always give clear and honest advice.

  • I can consider your documents and provide advice on any aspect of your case.

  • Experienced solicitor only service, no paralegals or advisors.

  • My advice is clear, confidential and targeted to your goals.  


  • Advice provided in person, by phone, Zoom video calling and email to suit you. Follow up email confirming issues raised and advice given, with further steps to consider and relevant documents and information from my library. 

  • Costs agreed upfront. Save money by making the right decisions.​​​

Contact me today to see how I can help

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 Why book an advice appointment with a specialist solicitor?  

Advice can include:

  • What is the law?

  • Has an offence been committed?

  • Am I at risk of arrest or prosecution?

  • What powers do the police have?

  • What is a voluntary interview? What are my rights?

  • Can the police arrest me? What happens if they do?

  • Can the police take my computer and mobile phone?

  • How can I get my devices back from the police?

  • How long will the police investigation take?

  • How to handle a police interview. What should I say?

  • What is the law? What needs to be proven to trigger an arrest or conviction?

  • What are the categories of indecent images? 

  • What are the defences to any offence?

  • Can I avoid going to Court? Can I get a Caution instead?

  • Advice on gathering and presenting evidence to help a criminal case

  • Are the press allowed to report on my case and publish my name? 

  • How can I dispute the police forensic report?

  • How can I get a defence forensic report to help defend my case or reduce my sentence?

  • Advice on any aspect of your police station or Court case.

  • Consideration of any police or court paperwork.

  • What do I do if I get charged or receive a Court Summons?

  • What happens at Court?

  • Will people be watching my case?

  • Should I plead guilty or not guilty? 

  • What needs to be proved?

  • How do I defend and present my case?

  • What sentence could I get? Will I go to prison?

  • What happens in a Trial?

  • Will I go on the Sex Offenders Register? 

  • What are notification requirements? Can I travel abroad?

  • What is a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO)?

  • What happens if I breach notification requirements or a SHPO?

  • What are the defences to a breach?

  • Advice on police station and Court procedures, including bail conditions.

  • Advice on gathering and presenting evidence to help stop a criminal case as soon as possible.

  • Implications for a DBS check and your employment.

  • Your rights on appealing a conviction or sentence.

  • How to change or remove bail conditions.

  • Can I get therapy to reduce my sentence?

  • Signposting to other organisations that can offer advice and support.

Follow up email confirming issues raised and advice given, with further steps to consider and documents and information from my library.

A 30 minute initial advice appointment only costs £50.


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Frequently asked questions...


How is advice provided?

Most of my legal services are provided by phone or Zoom videocall and email at a time to suit you. It is not always realistic or cost effective to have physical face to face meetings when technology allows for remote communication. Naturally for police station interviews and court appearances I will attend to advise and represent you in person.

Do you use advisors, paralegals, police station representatives or trainee solicitors?

No, you will be advised and represented by me. I do not employ trainees, paralegals, police station representatives or general advisors.

Will the same solicitor deal with my case throughout?

Yes, I will deal with your case throughout. I will not pass you case around to different people.

Do you deal with other areas of law?

I can help with other areas of criminal law. If you need assistance with other areas of law please contact me, if I can't help I will point you in the right direction. 

Can you offer legal aid services?

No, I only offer privately funded legal services.

Are you independent of the police, the crown prosecution service and any other agency?

Yes, I am an independent solicitor regulated by the SRA and the Law Society. I work directly for you and no information is disclosed to anyone else without your permission. I will not act for anyone where there is a conflict of interests.

Can you work on a no win no fee basis?

No, no win no fee arrangements are usually found in areas of law where there is significant compensation available. Compensation is not a significant factor in criminal cases. 

I already have a solicitor, can I transfer my case to you?

Yes, potentially, contact me to discuss.

Can we meet face to face to discuss my case?

Yes, we can, subject to agreeing a fee. I am based in the South East of England.

How can I keep control of my legal costs? 

I only offer a fixed fee services to ensure you stay in control of legal costs. All costs are agreed before undertaking any work. Some costs are ancillary to my legal service fees, often these are costs for forensic experts and barristers, in each case where such costs are likely to be incurred I will agree the costs in advance.

What payments do you you accept? 

I accept payments via bank transfer, credit or debit card and PayPal. If you pay by card to ensure discretion and confidentiality the payment will appear as "iilaw" on your statement. 

How can I send documents to you?

If you have the documents on your computer you can email them to me. If the documents are held by another solicitor you can request copies are sent to you by via email and then forward to me. If you have paper copies you can scan documents and email to me. If you are unable to scan your local copy shop can assist. If there are only a few documents you can take a photo on your phone and email to me.

What are the terms and conditions?

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