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Being investigated or prosecuted is incredibly stressful, I am here to guide you through every stage and to ensure you make the right decisions for you.




When you need more than an appointment I am here to guide you through any legal process, from gathering and presenting evidence, to drafting documents, to liaising with the police, and representation in Court. All provided by a specialist solicitor.



If you are due to be interviewed by the police don't leave it to chance, as an indecent images expert I can advise and represent you. 

If you have already been interviewed I can take over and use the police pre charge engagement process to push for the case to be closed.



If you have been charged or received a summons to attend Court, or your case is already at Court then you need the best representation.


I can attend Court, provide advice on the evidence, explain the laws and procedures, advise on your plea, sentencing and mitigation.

Why book an appointment with a specialist solicitor?


​​Advice can include:​

  • What is the law? Am I at risk of arrest or prosecution?

  • What powers do the police have?

  • What is a voluntary interview? What are my rights?

  • Can the police arrest me? What happens if they do?

  • Can the police take my computer and mobile phone?

  • How can I get my devices back from the police?

  • How long will the police investigation take?

  • How to handle a police interview. What should I say?

  • What are the categories of indecent images? 

  • What are the defences to any offence?

  • Can I avoid going to Court? Can I get a Caution?

  • Advice on gathering and presenting evidence.

  • How can I get a defence forensic report?

  • Consideration of any police or court paperwork.

  • What do I do if I get charged or a Court Summons?

  • What happens at Court? How should I plead? 

  • Will the press be there? Will people be watching?

  • What sentence could I get? Will I go to prison?

  • Will I go on the Sex Offenders Register? 

  • What are the notification requirement rules?

  • Can I travel abroad or stay with friends?

  • What is a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO)?

  • What happens if I breach requirements or a SHPO?

  • Advice on police and Court procedures, including changing or removing bail conditions.

  • Implications for a DBS check and your employment.

  • Your rights on appealing conviction or sentence.

  • Can I get therapy to reduce my sentence?

  • Signposting to organisations that can help with support and rehabilitation.


A 30 minute initial advice appointment only costs £50. 

Click here to book an appointment today. 


Follow up email confirming issues raised and advice given, with further steps to consider and documents and information from my library.

What legal help and assistance I can offer?

When you need a bit more assistance that can't be covered by an Zoom or phone appointment I can provide legal help and assistance with any indecent images or sexual communication with a child issue or process, from gathering evidence to drafting documents and guiding you through the whole case to achieve your goals. 

Entire service provided by an experienced solicitor, in person or remotely via phone, Zoom video call, email and post.

Examples of legal help I can provide: 

Advice and help with collecting evidence to defend:

  • a police investigation

  • a criminal prosecution at Court

  • a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).

How I can help:

  • Help gathering and presenting evidence to the Police to bring an investigation to a close.

  • Help instructing a computer forensic expert to provide evidence to defend a case.

  • Help retrieving you devices from the Police.

  • Help gathering and presenting evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service to bring a prosecution to a close.

  • Help drafting documents for the police or Courts.

  • Help gathering evidence to help defend an application for a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).

  • Help gathering evidence to help defend a breach of notification requirements or breach of SHPO.

  • Help with varying or discharging a SHPO.

Contact me to see how I can help.

Costs will vary depending on work required and fixed in advance to avoid any unexpected costs.


Contact me for a no obligation quote.


Due to be interviewed by the police?


There is no such thing as a quick chat or interview, if the Police want to speak to you about any alleged offence then you are a suspect. Never answer questions without getting legal advice. Whether it is by arrest or a voluntary interview at your home or at a police station, the seriousness is the same and you need the best legal advice and representation. 


Don’t try to save time or inconvenience or be shamed into declining a solicitor. Don't take a chance on the Police arranged legal aid duty solicitor, many general criminal defence firms use poorly qualified staff for police station work, it is unlikely you will get a qualified solicitor and many Police appointed legal advisors are unsympathetic to indecent images cases and may only attend virtually or by phone, I will always attend in person

​How I am different

Prior preparation is the key to a good outcome therefore you will get unlimited pre-interview advice and assistance provided via phone or Zoom videocall in advance of the interview date.

On the day of the interview you I will attend in person to meet you and represent you fully, taking you through each step of the process, all with the sole aim of bringing the case to a close as soon as possible.

Already been interviewed?

If you have been interviewed already and your case is still open than you are either on bail or have been released under investigation. You probably feel you have been left in limbo, with little understanding of what will happen next and how long it will take. This can be an incredibly stressful time and it is when you need an experienced specialist solicitor to take over and proactively push your defence forward to bring the case to a close as soon as possible.

I can help you with post interview advice to cover:

  • Chasing the police for an outcome on your case.

  • Chasing the police for the return of your property.

  • Making representations for your case to be closed, or for bail conditions to be changed or removed.

  • Help gathering defence evidence to present to the police to bring the case to a close.

  • Preparing for a second interview once your devices have been analysed.

Contact me to see how I can help.

Costs are fixed in advance but will vary depending on location and the work required, please contact me for a quote.

Court representation services

First Hearing

Going to Court for the first hearing is a big deal. It is often the first chance to assess the evidence against you. The Court will want a plea from you and if you plead guilty you can be sentenced and given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) and go on the Sex Offenders Register there and then. 

You only get one chance at a first hearing, smart tactics are needed to make the right decisions about your case. Too often the Police examination forensic report of your devices is wrong, a defence instructed expert forensic report can substantially change and improve your case.

Don’t risk using the duty solicitor or the firm that has already got you charged, let me take control.


If you are facing a Trial it is essential you have the best possible preparation and representation. Your character, employment, liberty, friendships and relationships are all on the line. Let me take charge to give you the best chance of success. 



If you are due for sentencing it is damage limitation time, but there is still much to play for, I can help you get the best possible sentence to avoid prison or a community service. I also need to fight to avoid excessive prosecution costs and a SHPO that with further limit your liberties and ability to see family and friends.


If you can’t get legal aid or afford a solicitor to represent you fully for trial or sentencing I can help you by assisting with the preparation of your case. I can assess prosecution evidence, help gather defence evidence, prepare witness statements, prepare questions for witnesses or help with mitigation for sentencing.

A SHPO can be served on you without notice, I can help you put your side of the case to the Judge to have the prohibitions removed or relaxed.


If the Court has made you subject to a SHPO I can help you appeal the order or apply to vary the prohibitions.

Contact me to see how I can help.​ 


Costs are fixed in advance but will vary depending on location and the work required, please contact me for a quote.