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5 things you should do if accused of indecent images or sexual communication with a child

1. Stop thinking about prison, it is unlikely unless your case is very serious.

Some firms will scare you with risks of prison sentences, I do not think that is fair, it also distracts you from focusing on dealing with your case in a proactive and productive fashion.

Despite the sentencing guidelines I would advise that for straightforward possession of images an immediate custodial sentence is highly unlikely, the most likely sentence would be a community order or suspended sentence.

Unless your case includes the production or distribution of category A images I would suggest that a suspended sentence is achievable with good legal advice and case preparation.

2. Get help, counselling or therapy from recognised providers to address any issues that affect you.

It could be drugs, alcohol, mental health, addiction to pornography or more specific issues, whatever it is I can recommend courses to help your rehabilitation. Acting to deal with triggers that have lead to offending can substantially improve the outcome of your case.

3. Get good legal advice and choose a knowledgeable solicitor you feel comfortable with.

Naturally I’d say hire me, I will give you clear, confidential, non-judgemental and effective advice, but it’s your case and your choice.

If you, a family member or a friend are accused of an indecent images offence, or are just concerned about what could happen if accused, seeking specialist legal advice at an early stage can dramatically improve the outcome of a case.

Although it can be tempting to do nothing and hope the whole situation goes away, acting positively at an early stage can avoid jeopardising a legitimate defence, there are also occasions where co-operating effectively with a police investigation can lessen the potential consequences and even avoid a Court appearance or conviction.

4. Talk to family and friends where it is inevitable that you will need to discuss the situation and rebuild relationships.

Doing this alone or hiding this from loved ones will be very difficult, often it is better to face up to the situation and be open about your issues.

5. Stay positive, be proactive and look after yourself. This situation can be overcome, and you will be able to move forward again.

If you need specific advice on your case, please contact me or book an appointment.

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